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Top Resources To Help If You Work From Home

ideasWhen you work from home, there are a couple dozen little things that you have to do each day, and perhaps a hundred ideas that come to you and are later forgotten. If you freelance for multiple employers, sometimes you forget that you’re supposed to call one of them today, or that there are particular instructions for a commission. If you own your own business, sometimes a package gets lost when you’ve gotten multiple orders, or perhaps your site suddenly crashed and you lose data. These little upsets are all detrimental to your working career. So how can you avoid these?

One of the best investments any freelancer and business owner could have is a daily planner. Getting a daily to-do list done won’t hurt. When you can easily flip to a day and see what you need to do when you need to do it, you can be sure that you won’t miss any deadlines, submissions, or scheduled conference calls. Many people prefer the traditional pen and paper approach, and others prefer digital. There are actually quite a few scheduler software programs that can help you with your time management problems when you work from home.

Also try a couple of desktop notification software programs. They’ll let you know immediately when you have emails, comments, and orders from your websites or employers even if you are offline. You can have them on your computers, your smart phones, or your tablets.

Backup software is also a great way to keep your information safe. You can have online and offline backups and they don’t cost that much, so check them out and feel secure that your data will never be lost again.

You might want to invest in accounting software as well if you don’t think that spreadsheet program that comes with your computer is enough. There are many business people who check their balances daily and see dwindling resources even though they are getting lots of clients and customers. If you do your accounting yourself, these types of software can help you see exactly where your money is coming from, where it is going, and how you can manage the flow.

Those are only a few of the resources you can use to manage your career if you work from home. There are various other business programs, time-management programs, email management software and desktop applications that can help you make your work flow smoothly.

Some Neat Ideas For Making Money From Home

In today’s difficult job-market, many people are in need of extra income, and who once was a stay-at-home parent, now is trying to help create multiple income streams with little or no success. Here are lots of ideas on creating additional income and even residual income! This article is comprised of some very creative, but surprisingly simple alternative ways of generating additional income that just about anyone can find one to do.

Network Marketing

There are many network marketing companies out there. They thrive off the “relationship-marketing” business model. What’s great about joining a network marketing company is that you have no inventory to stock, no overhead, and no skills necessary! Do your research prior to joining any company to make sure their products and business model is right for you.

Write about what you know.

Everyone knows something about something, and little do you know- that information is valuable! Check out This website allows you to submit your informational articles and actually get paid for it. You can also submit video, audio, and slide shows on the site and get paid for it too! (Read their agreement to understand how it all works).

Start a Home Based Business

“Starting a business” sounds like a big deal with lots of investment and overhead – but actually you can start one right from home. Let’s say you are a stay-at-home Mom…or dad 😉 You can do anything from your home. Whether it’s start a Flower Arrangement service, or daycare, graphic design, Tax Preparer, Cakes and sweets, Billing, Sewing/ Alterations, Tutoring, Personal Assistant, etc… There are so many things you can do right from home to add some much needed extra income.

Some might require licensing such as daycare or tax preparing, but please, respect your local laws and register your home-business with the city, abide by any codes like privacy and security of your client’s information, etc…

Sell Pictures

Many industries are in need of photos. From magazines, and graphic designers to local mom-and-pop shops. You never know who will need your picture- so submit them and get paid. To make things easier, here is a list of websites that sell them for you – and all you do is collect your commission every time it’s sold.

Refer Business

referralsHow many times have you recommended a good restaurant, lawyer, hair-stylist, or even gardener? Have you ever got paid for it? Talk to local businesses and professionals to try to work out a referral deal with them. Many businesses are slow, so any additional referrals will help greatly and maybe you can get commission from it as well.

Get Paid For Blogging

Some of you may be asking yourself, “What is a Blog? And how do I get paid to Blog?”

A blog is like an online journal. Maybe you knew someone that always wrote in his or her journal everyday as a kid. Maybe some people still write in their journal – Well now it can be a source of internet income . A blog is just like that journal, except its online and search engines can lead readers to your blog depending if your content matches the keyword they search.

One way to make money online by blogging is to place Google Ads on your blog. An easy way to do this is by joining attracts over 10 million visitors a month, so surely there will be some people who find yours and might click on an ad.

Publish a Book

Trust me- it’s simpler than it sounds. If you feel you can write a book, will publish it for you – FREE.
They also help you with Hardcover’s and many more, in addition to tools that help you market and sell your book. (Read their terms and conditions to understand how it works)

Write Product Reviews

Have an opinion on a product or service? You can submit reviews online about a product or service you have used and if they decide to publish it, you get paid.

Upload Videos-Videopost

Videopost is like a comment post. These video websites are willing to pay you for uploading videoposts. Your videos should be interesting, funny, amazing, and entertaining- Anything to attract viewers because you are paid based on the number of views.

Your Own Website

By having your own website you can make money online by promoting your business – no matter what it may be. Many of the ideas mentioned above can be enhanced if you had your own website for people to learn more about you and what you offer. The more visitors you have to your website, the more you can get paid for advertising space, and Google adsense clicks on the site. Imagine, every time someone clicks on an ad in your website, YOU GET PAID. Not just a few cents, but as much as $10 each time someone clicks. The possibilities are endless.

Three Things No One Ever Tells You About Choosing the Best Home Business

Are you wondering how to choose the best home business from all the choices in the marketplace today? I used to think that some people just got lucky and were in the right place at the right time. But I have found that it really isn’t based on luck. Finding the best home business requires thought and some research but you only have to focus on a few things. When it comes down to it, there are three things no one ever tells you about choosing the best home business.

1. Passion for your product

One of the first factors to consider in choosing your best home business is passion for your product. Can you love and use the product yourself? When I started my first business I did not understand how important passion is in building my business. I did not love the products, and I didn’t personally use them. I could not share from my own experience and found it very difficult to share them with passion. Because of this, I was not able to convince very many people to use my products. I was missing the WOW factor because I had chosen the wrong product for me and could not turn it into my best home business.

I had chosen an oil additive but because I didn’t know too much about how the product worked and I was afraid to put it in my own car. I couldn’t convince my friends to try it, either. Even though I failed at my first business, I was not willing to give up looking for the right business for me. I began to research on the Internet until I found a product I could both love and enjoy sharing to build my best home business around.

2. Team for Support

Does the business you are considering have great training and mentors? Finding a team for support is the second most important part in looking for your best home business. Without great mentors and a plan that is proven to work, I find that I just stumble around and it is difficult to figure out what to do next.

mentorToday, with the shift from meetings and parties to the Internet, I have found it very challenging because there is more to marketing on the Internet than putting up a website. How do you get anyone to find you? I have had a generic website with a unique product that I have passion for, and a product you can only get through a distributor that has great demand in the marketplace, but my website does not generate any business unless I pay for ads or buy leads. I discovered that without training in this new way of marketing, I was not making any money.

Having a team of mentors with step-by-step training is a must if you are going to be able to train your business organization quickly and efficiently. Thousands of people are losing their jobs and are looking for their own best home business. However, many will need to learn a whole new set of skills and they are looking for help and mentoring. Finding your own success team who provides support and training to build your best home business is a must.

3. Your personal ethical and moral code should match the business

Passion about your product is important and having training and mentoring is important, but unless the business matches your personal ethical and moral code, it will not be your best home business.

One of my core values is to make a difference in the world—to have a positive impact. My best home business needs to include a way that I can really make a difference in someone’s life. Another core value I have is honesty and integrity. Unless my business honors this value, I know I will never be successful. So when you are choosing your best home business, look for a business that honors your values and your moral code. Then you will love your business and it really will be your best home business.

Finding the best home business for you can be challenging, but you are already on your way. You have learned about three things no one ever tells you about choosing the best home business. With this knowledge comes the power to build your the best home business.

Find a product you love and can be passionate about.
Look for a team that will support you with training and mentoring.
Honor your personal ethical and moral code in choosing your business.

Enjoy the search and get started ahead of the herd. Thousands are joining the best home business movement every day. Using this formula you will find the best home business for you.

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