Budget as if it Were a Family Budget

As individuals, we learned the lessons from our parents: avoid debt, save, spend wisely, and tithe. As a result, our personal debt has been reduced by more than $1T since 2008. As a percentage of GDP, it is at its lowest level since 1995. We get it, as householders. Do we get it as taxpayers?

Meanwhile, our hillbilly cousins in Western Europe are against the ropes. Their debt is actually higher than ours – if that is possible. Their response? An increase in taxes for their wealthiest citizens (do you think they might avoid these increases?) and an increase in their ‘national sales tax’, or VAT. Only tiny Estonia, stalwart Ireland and the industrial powerhouses of the Netherlands and Slovakia have resisted tax increases. Guess which nations are avoiding the European recession.

The UK and Sweden are (not so quietly) congratulating themselves for never having joined the Euro celebrations in the first place. The TGV has left them standing on the Bahnh of strasse, to their glee.

Your best advice?

Stand down from more debt creation. Stop the insanity. Realize that governments, despite their best intentions, rarely create wealth, nearly always destroy wealth. Rent seeking corporations will always game the system. DC is no match for NYC; Brussels cannot compete against London. The story here is about raw power, nothing else. The figures are disguises for the real decisions. This is not about dollars, Euros, Pounds or Kroner.

Our current government solution? We ‘stand ready to do our part to help them resolve this issue’. A flood of liquidity is offered – to bail out the lenders who ‘cannot fail’. Banks and governments are made good on their losses. Millions are unemployed, continue to expect the impossible in retirement benefits and demand justice. Good luck with all that.

We have a cold winter ahead. Yes, the climate is changing, as it always does. Let’s hope that the change in power is towards good stewardship: Frugal living, Debt avoidance, Saving

Be Aware of Your Finances and How To Get Ahead

To be aware of your money is to know what happens with it at any time. This is about having an intimate relationship with their money. As a farmer develops his own culture to culture, irrigation and planting of seeds, the same principle applies to your financial situation in mind. A farmer begins to see the fruits of their work once he has always cultivated their land. Every day, you begin to see the same results follow the money farmer spirit.

Know Your Money

Be aware that your money is time. You must invest time each day to learn how to contribute in verse. Work is in progress. This includes whether a value of “net” or “loss”. You must manage their savings and investments daily.

Additional financial terms

money“In my head to see.” What we put in our mind is very important. In the process of expansion of financial education is essential to know the basic conditions. If you do not understand the difference between an “asset” and responsibility “, will be more difficult for them to speak the language. This information is readily available. You can go online and google basic financial terms. Many words come up. If possible, print the words and the conditions of your computer or write in a notebook. There is a small window of time each day to study every day. Make a part of their vocabulary.

Develop a financial library

This could include the collection of magazines and books based on money. Started to buy the books on economics and the market. Start small and grow over time. Magazines like “Blackenteprise” and “Money Magazine” is a good choice. This is the process of irrigation. To promote his mind with such knowledge to improve their awareness of money.

See an example of financial

CNN is a great place to watch the parades leading financial advice or counseling. “The Suzie Orman Show” and “money”, are among the most popular. Suzie Orman gives good advice to people who decide to invest in shares or mutual funds. And ‘true and honest with people. Its Web site provides the tools to start. He alone shows Saturday at 9 on CNN. This is to saturate the mind with knowledge.

Look at Crytpocurrency

There are many new ways to invest and one of the ones which most people talk about now is Bitcoin. However there are many more cryptocurrencies you can invest in, such as Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Ethereum and more. Take some time to go look at these cryptos and see if you think a small investment can pay off over a long term period. Many say it is just like the start of the internet, this technology is so new.

Participate in seminars Money Management

Seminars offer people the information they need to make financial decisions. Seminars on money management are the best though. Some are even free. All you have to do is make an appointment and displayed. In some cases, these classes are taught in schools. They help teach people the funding mechanisms. They help people understand share prices and investing in large companies such as Lloyds Bank with the aim to draw dividends.

Realization of a money coach

Everyone’s needs help sometimes. Nobody can do anything themselves. You can contact a financial adviser or a technical or research on-line yellow pages. The role of a coach of money is to financially assist a person with the desired goal. They also help a person to commit a budget.

Create a difficult financial

“What you see is what you get.” What you see also has an effect on their actions. Will determine your thoughts. It ‘nice to have books available for study. Slogans on the money placed at his door. It ‘also a good idea to have cassettes or CDs to discuss ideas for saving money. Around intelligent people who have a direction in life. This marks a difference to you.

Making A Money Transfer Abroad and Avoiding Mistakes

Do you want to transfer money abroad? There are various ways to send money overseas. However, there are things to be aware of when making a money transfer abroad. They are:

1. Fees

Many companies that move money overseas charge commissions to carry out these services. The amount of these fees will depend on how fast you want your money to arrive at its destination and whether you are using a walk in Agent or through online platforms.

2 Exchange Rate

You should keep in mind that for every dollar you send, there is some amount of foreign currency that is made. That is what is called the exchange rate. Exchange rates fluctuate several times a day or even daily depending on the global foreign exchange market.

3 Security of Your Money

Your money’s safety is an important factor to consider when you want to transfer money abroad. You should make sure you have your recipients correct contact details.

Confirm that your money has arrived to your intended recipient and in the exact amounts that you sent. If anything goes wrong, you should communicate with the money transfer company that you used or the industry Regulator.

How to Transfer Money Abroad

Cash to cash is where you hand over the liquid amount of money that you want to transfer abroad to a walk-in money transfer center. It’s then turned into your recipient’s Country currency. They then pick it up at designated points or in some cases it’s delivered to them.

Bank Accounts. You can transfer money from your bank accounts to your recipient’s bank accounts. Several services that move money abroad allow you to do this online or through your phone for a fee.

They enable you to do this by you providing them with the account numbers as well as the routing numbers for the sending and receiving banks.

moneyCredit and Debit Cards. Another way to transfer money abroad is using debit or credit cards. They speed up your money transfer processes as compared to using banks. For example, Money Gram allows you to send money directly to your recipient’s credit cards.

However, you can face credit card fees from your card’s provider. That depends on whether your transaction is a cash advance or a purchase.
Other services can also let you transfer money abroad in the form of a prepaid debit card. Your recipients then use it to make purchases or withdraw cash.

The advantage to this prepaid debit cards is that you can load them while in the US using cash, debit, credit cards or a checking account.An example of this card is the Mi Promesa card. You should check out their fees as they tend to be high.

Cell phones. Another way to transfer money abroad is through your Smartphone’s mobile money transfer app. It allows you to move money abroad using the money transfer company’s website.

The Western Union allows you to transfer money directly to the cell phones of recipients in some countries such the Philippines, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Madagascar.


The above guide on how to transfer money abroad should make it easier for you to carry out these transactions. The key to this is to choose a money transfer service that suits your budget needs.